INAE Bangalore Chapter

Executive Council – INAE Bangalore Chapter

Chairman : Dr. VK Aatre
Vice-Chairman : Dr. AR Upadhya
Secretary : Prof. S Gopalakrishnan
Joint Secretary:  Prof. KJ Vinoy
Treasurer:  Prof. Neelesh B Mehta

Prof. ML Munjal
Dr. V Bhujanga Rao
Prof. G Jagadeesh
Mr. VVR Sastry
Dr. KG Narayanan
Prof. Satyam Suwas
Prof. SS Murthy

Events by INAE Bangalore Chapter

  1. September 15, 2020- The Webinar held on “S&T Contributions of the Bangalore Region to the National Efforts against COVID-19”. Following five presentations were made during the Webinar:
    • Prof Raghavan Varadarajan , IISc on  “A Protein Sub-unit Vaccine for COVID-19”
    • Shri J J Jadhav, Director, CSIR-NAL on  “S&T Contributions of CSIR-NAL  to the National Efforts against COVID-19″ , also  mentioning  contributions by other CSIR Laboratories
    • Shri MV Gowtama, CMD, BEL on “BEL’s Contributions against COVID-19”
    • Dr NS Kumar , Associate Director, DEBEL-DRDO on “Contributions from DEBEL -DRDO for COVID-19”
    • Prof Rahul Roy, IISc   on “Monitoring Immune Response in COVID-19 Infections”  also mentioning other initiatives from IISc.
  1. Nov 26, 2020- The Webinar held on “Thermo-Structural Testing of One-to-one Aerospace Structures using Infrared Heating” by Mr. S. Narender (Defense Research and Development Laboratory).
  2. December 24, 2020- The Webinar held on “Recent Algorithms and Systems for Nearest Neighbor Search” by Ravishankar Krishnaswamy (Microsoft Research).
  1. January 28, 2021- The Webinar held onControlling Urban Environment Noise through Mandatory Noise Limits” by ML Munjal, FNAE and Professor, IISc, Bangalore.
  2. February 18, 2021- The Webinar held on “River Water Disputes” by Prof. KG Ranga Raju, Formerly Deputy Director, IIT Roorkee and Formerly Professor of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee.
  3. April 17, 2021– An online Workshop on Smart Cities in Karnataka – Experiences and the road ahead (proposed).