INAE Bangalore Chapter

Executive Council – INAE Bangalore Chapter

Chairman : Dr. VK Aatre
Secretary : Dr. AR Upadhya
Joint Secretary:  Dr. Jagadeesh Gopalan
Treasurer:  Dr. V Bhujanga Rao

Recent Activities

  1. INAE Bangalore Chapter organized a Webinar on ” S&T Contributions of the Bangalore Region to the National Efforts against COVID-19” on the occasion of National Engineers Day on 15th September 2020. The speakers were (i) Prof Raghavan Varadarajan , IISc on “A Protein Sub-unit Vaccine for COVID-19” ii) Shri J J Jadhav, Director, CSIR-NAL on “S&T Contributions of CSIR-NAL to the National Efforts against COVID-19″ (iii) Shri MV Gowtama, CMD, BEL on “BEL’s Contributions against COVID-19” (iv) Dr NS Kumar , Associate Director, DEBEL-DRDO on “Contributions from DEBEL -DRDO for COVID-19” and (v) Prof Rahul Roy, IISc on “Monitoring Immune Response in COVID-19 Infections”.
  2. INAE Bangalore Chapter organized India-USA Lecture Series (LS) on ‘Ageing Aircraft’ and related issues was on November 27-29, 2019 at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Bangalore with involvement of and participation of specialists from Academia/ R&D/Industry from USA/Canada, Europe and India