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“INAE Expert Groups” to Prepare Technology Roadmaps with Actionable Recommendations

INAE’s activities include programmes on issues of technology policy and overall development for the benefit of society, and the Academy promotes research projects, pilot studies, engineering education, fellowships, scholarships, awards and other benefactions. Seminars/Workshops/ Round Tables are conducted on topics of current national importance. The actionable recommendations emanating from the deliberations are submitted to the concerned Department/ Government agencies to assist in formulation of national policies.

INAE has recently instituted “INAE Expert Groups” to Prepare Technology Roadmaps with Actionable Recommendations. The objective of INAE Expert Groups is to develop a comprehensive technology road map with actionable recommendations on selected engineering themes or domains to help the country (government, funding agencies, educational institutions, research organizations, industry and users) formulate a policy, strategy and/or roadmap for implementation.

The Expert Groups will comprise of a team of experts from the Fellowship of INAE. The chairman and/or convener will be identified along with the preparation of the proposal. The team may co-opt a few more members outside the fellowship as experts, consultants or invitees, as appropriate to strengthen the activities envisaged, including organizing the seminars, meetings and preparing the report.

Since this activity pertains to INAE fellows, the details can be viewed through Member access login for INAE fellows.  The Form and Guidelines along with Office memorandum can be accessed by  CLICKING HERE