Forum on Civil Infrastructure

A Forum on ‘Civil Infrastructure’ has been constituted as follow up activity of the INAE VISION 2037, wherein the subject areas such as Engineering Education, Energy, Infrastructure, among others, have been brought into focus. The subject area of ‘Infrastructure’ include Traffic & Transportation; Housing; different aspects of Water; Energy, as the main verticals.

The Forum intends to cover Traffic & Transportation, Housing and Water, over a period of study of 3 years, beginning with the first area mentioned. The main objective of the forum is to create “White Papers” from its study to provide a set of needed actions, related to, Policy Initiatives, Engineering Development/Research, Education. The focus of the Forum is to address the problems being faced in respect of Traffic & Transportation, particularly in the large & medium size cities of the country, despite this issue having been in focus for many years. It has been realised that a critical analysis of the efforts and results of the recent years would be required to pave the way forward for the work of the forum.

The Forum decided to undertake a comprehensive study of the problem involving not only the engineering issues, but also other related ones such as, policy interventions needed, societal involvement, and, regulatory mechanisms. In making recommendations, the areas ostensibly coming into contention will possibly be, the latest developments in Civil Engineering materials and construction technologies; evolving communication systems for traffic control; energy efficiency issues; the scale of the problem, which will bring in the issue of education system for providing the manpower resource. Effort will be made to identify a short list of implementable ideas along with strategies for putting these to practice.

Members of the INAE Forum on Energy


Prof. Prem Krishna


Dr. Nagesh Iyer
Dr. P.K.Sikdar
Prof. N. Raghavan
Prof. S.K. Bhattacharyya
Mr. Alok Bhowmick
Mr. V.N. Heggade
Dr. S.K.Agarwal
Mr. Sanjay Pant
Prof. Manoranjan Parida
Prof. Mahendrakumar Madhavan