INAE Webinar Series

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Sno. Date Title Recording
1 Webinar-10: Dec 17, 2020 High Intensity Superconducting Proton Accelerators (HISPA): Challenges & Achievements View
2 Webinar-9: Nov 10, 2020 Flight demonstration of Indigenous hypersonic air-breathing cruise vehicle Not Available
3 Webinar-8: Oct 13, 2020 700 MWe Indian Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor View
4 Webinar-7: Sep 24, 2020 Enriching Engineering Education Through Experimental, Collaborative and Social Learning Not Available
5 Webinar-6: Sep 15, 2020 Artificial Intelligence & Ethics Not Available
6 Webinar-5: Sep 15, 2020 Hypothetico-Deductive “Construction” of New Knowledge in Industrial R&D and Academic Research View
7 Webinar-4: Sep 15, 2020 S&T Contributions of the Bangalore Region to the National Efforts Against COVID-19 View
8 Webinar-3: Jul 25, 2020 Strategy for Accelerated Growth of Renewable Energy Application in India View
9 Webinar-2: Jun 13, 2020 Does Hydrogen have a role in India’s Energy Strategy? View
10 Webinar-1: May 23, 2020 Launch of INAE Webinar Series by Mr K Ananth Krishnan, FNAE, EVP and CTO, TCS
Enterprise Digital Twin by Mr. Vinay Kulkarni, FNAE, Chief Scientist, TCS Research