INAE Webinar Series

Webinars organised by INAE Headquarters

Sno. Date Title Recording
1 Webinar-24: December 08, 2021 Role of nuclear energy in decarbonization of Indian energy sector  View
2 Webinar-23: October 22, 2021 Decarbonisation of Cement, Steel & Power Sector  View
3 Webinar-22: September 15, 2021 My Personal Journey with IEEE View
4 Webinar-21: September 15, 2021 Closing Research-Entrepreneurship Gaps View
5 Webinar-20: August 9, 2021 Future Mobility: E Mobility View
6 Webinar-19: July 31, 2021 Creating Foundational Partnerships: Building on the strength of US-India collaboration towards a roadmap for the future View
7 Webinar-18: June 9, 2021 Production and Utilization of Green Hydrogen View
8 Webinar-17: Apr 23, 2021 Building a Space Telescope View
9 Webinar-16: Apr 22, 2021 Connecting Academic R&D with Product Innovation: A few case studies and a way forward View
10 Webinar-15: Apr 20, 2021 Special lectures on the 35th Foundation Day of INAE and inauguration of the India’s “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” celebration by INAE View
11 Webinar-14: Mar 31, 2021 Outlook for Nuclear Power in India – Utility Perspective View
12 Webinar-13: Feb 28, 2021 Individual Atoms as Clocks and Bits View
13 Webinar-12: Feb 16, 2021 Implications of NEP-2020 for Engineering Education in India View
14 Webinar-11: Jan 27, 2021 Engineering of Carbon Nanotubes and their Applications View
15 Webinar-10: Dec 17, 2020 High Intensity Superconducting Proton Accelerators (HISPA): Challenges & Achievements View
16 Webinar-9: Nov 10, 2020 Flight demonstration of Indigenous hypersonic air-breathing cruise vehicle Not Available
17 Webinar-8: Oct 13, 2020 700 MWe Indian Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor View
18 Webinar-7: Sep 24, 2020 Enriching Engineering Education Through Experimental, Collaborative and Social Learning Not Available
19 Webinar-6: Sep 15, 2020 Artificial Intelligence & Ethics Not Available Not Available
20 Webinar-5: Sep 15, 2020 Hypothetico-Deductive “Construction” of New Knowledge in Industrial R&D and Academic Research View
21 Webinar-4: Sep 15, 2020 S&T Contributions of the Bangalore Region to the National Efforts Against COVID-19 View
22 Webinar-3: Jul 25, 2020 Strategy for Accelerated Growth of Renewable Energy Application in India View
23 Webinar-2: Jun 13, 2020 Does Hydrogen have a role in India’s Energy Strategy? View
24 Webinar-1: May 23, 2020 Launch of INAE Webinar Series by Mr K Ananth Krishnan, FNAE, EVP and CTO, TCS Enterprise Digital Twin by Mr. Vinay Kulkarni, FNAE, Chief Scientist, TCS Research View

Webinars Organised by INAE Local Chapters

Sno. Date Title INAE Local Chapter Recording
1 Webinar-19: June 30, 2021 Mastering Rocket Science: Experiences and Excitements Bangalore Not Available
2 Webinar-18: June 25, 2021 Ethics on Higher Education Bangalore Not Available
3 Webinar-17: June 24, 2021 An Overview of Smart Manufacturing and its Implications for Innovation and Growth Bangalore View
4 Webinar-16: April 29, 2021 Harnessing of Solar Energy Through Photothermal Conversion Bangalore View
5 Webinar-15: April 27, 2021 Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Bhubaneswar Not Available
6 Webinar-14: April 20, 2021 Building New Institution Challenges and Opportunities” and “Evolving a business model for commercialization of Grassroots Innovation Bangalore Not Available
7 Webinar-13: April 17, 2021 Smart Cities in Karnataka – Experiences and the road ahead Bangalore Not Available
8 Webinar-12: April 8, 2021 Towards City-Scale Low-Power Wireless Internet Delhi Not Available
9 Webinar-11: March 25, 2021 Quantum Technology: Promises and deliverables Bangalore View
10 Webinar-10: February 27, 2021 Advances in Communications Technology to Support the Convergence of Communications, Computing and Content Delhi Not Available
11 Webinar-9: February 18, 2021 River Water Disputes Bangalore Not Available
12 Webinar-8: January 28, 2021 Controlling Urban Environment Noise through Mandatory Noise Limits Bangalore View
13 Webinar-7: December 24, 2020 Recent Algorithms and Systems for Nearest Neighbor Search Bangalore View
14 Webinar-6: Nov 26, 2020 Thermo-Structural Testing of One-to-one Aerospace Structures using Infrared Heating Bangalore View
15 Webinar-5: August 21, 2020 Microstructure and Texture in Processing of Metals and Alloys Hyderabad Not Available
16 Webinar-4: August 23, 2020 Probing Materials at Small Scale: The Exciting World at the Bottom Hyderabad Not Available
17 Webinar-3: August 19, 2020 Metallurgical Aspects of Additive Manufacturing Hyderabad Not Available
18 Webinar-2: February 10, 2020 Reliable and Secure DC Microgrids Delhi Not Available
19 Webinar-1: February 3, 2020 Communication Technologies and Requirements for Industry 4.0 Delhi Not Available