INAE Mumbai Chapter

Executive Council – INAE Mumbai Chapter

Co-Chairs : Prof. AK Suresh and Dr. RB Grover
Secretary :  Prof. SB Roy
Treasurer :  Prof. SV Kulkarni

Events by INAE Mumbai Chapter

    1. September 15, 2020 : The Webinar held on “Hypothetico-Deductive Construction of New Knowledge in Industrial R&D and Academic Research” by Prof. Vijay M. Naik, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay.
    2. October 13, 2020 : The Webinar held on “700 MWe Indian Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor” by Shri A K Balasubrahmanian, Director (Technical) Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, Mumbai.
    3. November 10, 2020 : The Webinar held on “Flight demonstration of Indigenous hypersonic air-breathing cruise vehicle” by Prof Debasis Chakraborty, formerly of DRDO and currently the Director of the Centre for Propulsion Technology at IIT Bombay.
    4. December 17, 2020 : The Webinar held on “High Intensity Superconducting Proton Accelerators (HISPA): Challenges & Achievements” by Mr Srinivas Krishnagopal, Head, Ion Accelerator Development Division, BARC.
    5. January 27, 2021 : The Webinar held on “Engineering of Carbon Nanotubes and their Applications”.
    6. February 16, 2021 : The Webinar held on “Implications of NEP-2020 for Engineering Education in India”.
    7. March 31, 2021 : To celebrate 75th year of independence, the 8th Webinar jointly conducted with Indian Nuclear Society (INS), on implementation strategy of further growth of nuclear power in India on “Outlook for Nuclear Power in India – Utility Perspective” delivered by Shri S. K. Sharma, CMD, NPCIL .
    8. April 23, 2021 :  The Webinar on “Building a Space Telescope” by Prof  Varun Bhalerao, Department of Physics, IIT, Bombay.
    9. June 9, 2021Webinar on ‘Production and Utilization of Green Hydrogen’ wherein the following speakers delivered lectures:
        • Prof. G.D. Yadav on “Production of Green Hydrogen and The Net Zero Goal: Potential of ICT-OEC Process”.
        • Shri Kalyan Bhanja on “Electrolytic production of hydrogen.”
        • Prof. Prakash C Ghosh on “Polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs)”
        • Dr A. Shriniwas Rao on “Hydrogen production from various thermochemical cycles”.
        • Dr. V. Sudarsan on “Metal hydrides as candidates for Hydrogen Storage Technology”.
        • Dr. Suman Roy Choudhury on “Fuel cell PAFC”.