INAE Forum on Technology Foresight and Management

INAE Forum on Technology Foresight and Management for addressing National Challenges was constituted with the mandate to evolve solutions keeping in view the issues of sustainable development, poverty reduction, and climate change in focus and suggest appropriate technologies accordingly. Further, suitable Engineering Management techniques will be employed to find cost effective and optimal solutions.

The Forum have selected the five National Challenges for detailed study / examination with a view to foresee the needed futuristic technologies and to evolve suitable engineering management solutions. This will be done keeping in focus the aspects of sustainable development, climate change, and poverty-reduction / inclusive growth. These challenges are Energy – Major thrust on Solar; Water Management; Agriculture – Waste reduction and its Use; Transport – Making it Greener and Waste Management. Two reports of the Forum covering the above National Challenges have been published and are available for open access on Publications at INAE website.

Members of the INAE Forum on Technology Foresight and Management


Mr. Pradeep Chaturvedi


Mr. AK Anand
Mr. YP Anand
Mr. Keshav Chandra
Mr. AK Gupta
Mr. SC Gupta
Mr. MV Kotwal
Mr. VN Mathur
Dr. CR Prasad
Mr. MV Kotwal
Mr. KP Singh
Prof. Prem Vrat
Mr. AP Mishra