INAE Outstanding Teachers Award

Purpose of the Award

To honour engineering teachers who have excelled in the field of teaching in Indian Colleges, Universities, and Institutions, and have provided guidance towards technology development and inspired students to take up careers in Engineering and Technology


The teacher need not be a Fellow of INAE. In case the nominee is an INAE Fellow, he/she should not be a member of the INAE Governing Council during the year of the award. The nominee should be below the age of 60 years on the year of nomination and selection.


The nominee must be serving in a teaching institution in India at least for the last 10 years continuously. Primarily teaching contributions should be considered.  The nominee should enjoy very high reputation in teaching (theory and practical) for a long period including creating a new course or discipline.  The nominee should have made significant contributions through : (i) Writing new text or reference books and chapters; (ii) Developing innovative laboratory experiments and experimental facilities; (iii) Supervising students at various levels who have excelled in engineering profession; (iv) Delivering lectures in India and abroad to popularize a subject domain; (v) Developing online courses, demonstration modules and tutorials hosted in public domain virtual platforms; (vi) Contributing to creation of databases, handbooks and manuals and (vii) Patronizing student activities of various forms and utility.  The nominee sould have collaborated with industry or R&D organization to supervise sponsored projects and develop new technology.

Number of Awards

There will be a maximum of TWO such awards per year. One award will cover the disciplines of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. The other award will cover Computer Engineering and Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Energy and Interdisciplinary and Special Engineering Fields and Leadership in Academia, R&D and Industry.


Nominations will be invited from the Fellowship of the Academy and to be nominated by two Fellows of INAE. The nominee need not be a Fellow of INAE. A Fellow may forward only one nomination in a year. The nominations to be submitted preferably through Digital Platform only. Wherever it is not  possible to submit the nominations through Digital Platform despite persistent efforts, in exceptional case, the same can be submitted on the prescribed Proforma. The nominations should reach the Academy by May 31, 2021. Those Fellows who have already received the INAE Life Time Contribution Award in Engineering, or, Prof Jai Krishna Memorial Award/Prof SN Mitra Memorial Award or are members of the Selection Committee for Life Time Contribution Award in Engineering, Prof Jai Krishna Memorial Award, and Prof SN Mitra Memorial Award, or, the Governing Council should not be nominated. The Selection Committee may also suggest additional nominations from the Fellowship, other than the nominations received, for consideration of the award.


The nomination will remain valid for three years and re-nomination shall be accepted.

Value of the Award

The awardees shall receive a scroll, a cash award of Rs. 1.0 lakh and a one time book grant of Rs. 25,000/-.

Presentation of the Award

The awardees will be requested to deliver an inspirational talk on their exciting experiences during the Academy Annual Convention.


Instruction for Online Submission of Nomination

Instructions for Online Submission of Nominations for

‘INAE Outstanding Teachers Award’

The online submission for the award has four phases. The proposer will initiate the process and will submit the completed form to INAE headquaters online.

Phase I (for Proposer/ Nominator)

  1. Login to the respective Fellow Login Page ( with credentials provided ( INAE headquaters may be contacted in case credentials are not available with Proposer ).
  2. The dashboard has icon for INAE Outstanding Teachers Award.
  3. Clicking on the icon will land the proposer to a page with two buttons (1) Back to dashboard (2) New Nomination.
  4. Clicking ‘New Nomination’, will make a small dialogue box appear with two radio buttons showing the eligibility criteria for nominee. Snapshot given below:
  5. Once the eligibility criteria are checked and the submit button clicked, the Proposer is navigated to ‘Search for Fellows’ page. Search may be initiated by Name or by Engineering Section. Help button has been provided on this page to facilitate search.
  6. Search Results are returned based on Search Criteria provided. Click on the nominate button provided against the search result(s). **You can nominate only one person at a time.
  7. After clicking ‘Nominate’ button, the online form is visible with basic information of the nominee populated in respective places. In case the information is absent which may be because nominee profile is not complete, the information may be provided by the proposer.
  8. Complete the form by entering comment at the bottom of the page and submit.
  9. You receive an acknowledgement mail which requests you for the second phase.

    Phase II (for the Proposer)

  10. Log in again.
  11. Click on view to verify the nominee details. The proposer comment may be added at this step too.
  12. Click on ‘Choose seconder’ button. Search for Fellows appear again .
  13. Choose the desired Fellow from search result.
  14. You will receive an acknowledgement mail.
  15. The Seconder also receives intimation mail for reviewing the nomination.

    Phase III ( for Seconder)

  16. The Seconder logs in
  17. Review the Nominee details and enters the comment.
  18. He/she has an option either to second or to decline support.
  19. Once submitted by Seconder, an intimation mail goes to Proposer for final submission.

    Phase IV

  20. The Proposer logs in and review the comment of the Seconder .
  21. If the support is declined, the Proposer may select another Seconder and phase III and IV get repeated.
  22. The final submission is done by Proposer

Recipients of INAE Outstanding Teachers Award 2021

  • Prof Suman Chakraborty, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.
  • Prof Sukumar Mishra, Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.