INAE Kolkata Chapter

Executive Council – INAE Kolkata Chapter

President: Prof. Debatosh Guha
Secretary-cum-Treasurer :  Prof. Amitava Datta

Events by INAE Kolkata Chapter

    1. September 15, 2020 : The Webinar held on “Artificial Intelligence & Ethics” by Prof. Anupam Basu, FNAE, Director, National Institute of Technology, Durgapur Professor-on-lien, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.
    2. February 28, 2021 : The National Science Day Lecture – A Talk on “Individual Atoms as Clocks and Bits” by Professor David J. Wineland, Nobel Laureate in Physics 2012 University of Oregon, USA.
    3. April 22, 2021Foundation Day Special Lecture on “Connecting Academic R&D with Product Innovation” by Prof. V Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi.
    4. September 15, 20212021 Engineers’ Day Lecture on “My Personal Journey with IEEE” by  Ms Susan Kathy Land, IEEE President.
    5. March 1, 2022Webinars on :
        • ” The Brave New World of Science Today is but the World of J. C. Bose: Coming Full Circle” by Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Institute Chair Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and Former Secretary to the Government of India Department of Science and Technology; and
        • “Development of S&T in post independent India” by Dr. Shekhar C. Mande, FNA, Secretary, DSIR & Director General, CSIR.