INAE Distinguished Professors/Technologists

INAE Distinguished Professors/Technologists – This scheme has been put on hold till further notice.


The objective of this Scheme is to utilize the expertise of INAE Fellows after superannuation primarily for research in institutions/universities/Research & Development establishments, and industry in India.

Eligibility and Age

Superannuated Fellows of INAE below 70 years of age are eligible for consideration.
Should have been a Fellow of the Academy for at least 5 years

Should have been in the Rank of Professor in academic institutions or equivalent to the rank of professor either in R&D organisation or in engineering industry/organisations

Should have superannuated within the last 5 years

Number of Positions

The maximum number at any time shall be limited to ten.


The term of the INAE Distinguished Professors/Technologists will be for a maximum period of three years or up to70 years of age.


An honorarium of Rs 50000/- per month shall be paid to the INAE Distinguished Professor/Technologist by INAE. In addition a contingency amount of Rs 50000/- per annum shall be provided for meeting expenditure related to research activities such as chemicals, consumables, materials, repair of equipment and instruments; on reimbursement basis at the end of each year. INAE Distinguished Professors/Technologists can approach other funding agencies for sanction of Research Schemes to support their research activities.

Operation of the Scheme

Applications under this Scheme shall be invited from the Fellows of the Academy. Applications complete in all respects will be sent through the Head of the institution where the Fellow intends to work, along with Certificate of Support to INAE office by Feb 17, 2019.

Funds will be made available by INAE to the sponsoring institution.
Distinguished Professors/ Technologists will comply with the leave rules of the host institution.
The Distinguished Professors/ Technologists shall submit Utilization Certificate along with Statement of Expenditure by March 15 each year, for release of grant for the next year

The Distinguished Professors/ Technologists shall submit the Annual Report of the work done on the stipulated format by second week of April covering the period upto March 31 of each year, to INAE office

Besides the Annual Report, a formal document collating the entire work done during the tenure is to be brought out by the INAE Distinguished Professors/Technologists at the end of their tenure. Such document could also contain a narration of potential applications as well as the directions in which further research will be appropriate.

The Distinguished Professors shall make a presentation of their research work to the Steering Committee on completion of two years.

Interactions / Obligations

INAE Distinguished Professor/Technologist is allowed to take up sponsored research and consultancy within the norms of the host institute.
The scheme will stand terminated from the date the INAE Distinguished Professor/Technologist accepts paid position elsewhere.


S. No. Existing Distinguished Professors/Technologists Date of completion of tenure
1 Prof. Vijay Chandru June 30, 2021
2 Dr. P. Chellapandi May 6, 2022