Mentoring of Engineering Students by INAE Fellows

Guidelines for Mentoring of Engineering Students by INAE Fellows

1. Objective

The objective of the Scheme is the mentoring of bright B. Tech./B.E. students by Fellows of INAE.

2. Eligibility

Meritorious 3rd /4th year B.E./B. Tech students from recognized Engineering institutions are eligible under the scheme. The Mentor and the Engineering Student should not be from the same engineering institution, though they can be from two different institutions located in the same station. Candidates from any institutions/engineering colleges securing minimum 75% marks or minimum 7.5 CGPA only, are eligible for consideration for mentoring by INAE Fellows.
Engineering students from unrecognized private engineering colleges/institutions are not eligible for mentoring.
A Fellow can mentor up to two engineering students who will not be from the same institution/college/university/organization

3. Duration

The period of mentoring is for any 2 months during the academic year.


The Scheme provides for second class sleeper train fare and a stipend of Rs. 20,000/- towards the living, local conveyance and incidental expenses to each outstation Engineering Student being mentored, to be paid in one installment at the end of the mentoring period.  An adhoc amount of Rs 5000/- will be paid to Engineering Student being mentored where mentor and mentee are located in the same station.  A contingency grant for mentoring of Rs 10,000/- in a year will also be provided to each mentor.

5. Number of Positions

A maximum of 60 Engineering Students shall be mentored each year. Each Fellow can mentor a maximum of two engineering students.

6. Operation of the Scheme

Applications for mentoring of Engineering Students by INAE Fellows will be invited on the prescribed format by Feb 17, 2019.

After scrutiny of the above applications, the candidates will be selected by the Steering Committee and the concerned INAE Fellows (Mentors) will be informed, who in turn will intimate the concerned Engineering Students suitably.

On completion of mentoring period, a Report by the Engineering Student and bills for travel expenditure and honorarium shall be submitted to INAE office, duly signed by the Mentor and the payment to the Engineering Student and the contingency grant to the Mentor will be made.