Mentoring of Engineering Students by INAE Fellows/INAE Young Associates

Internship Opportunity under the Mentoring of INAE Fellows/Young Associates

1. Objective

The objective of the Scheme is the mentoring of bright B.Tech./B.E./B.Sc (Engg.) students by Fellows of INAE/INAE Young Associates.

2. Eligibility

Meritorious 3rd / 4th year B.E./ B.Tech/ B.Sc (Engg.) students from engineering colleges/ institutions recognized by AICTE/Ministry of Education (MoE) securing minimum first class marks or equivalent CGPA only are eligible for mentoring. The Mentor and the Engineering Student should not be from the same engineering institution, though they can be from two different institutions located in the same station. The Mentee can be mentored at a third institution other than that of Mentee or Mentor.

Young Associates (YA) who are in regular employment, can Mentor one Engineering Student.

Each Fellow can mentor a maximum of two Engineering Students. Same Mentor and Mentee combination be permitted for two years only, which need not be consecutive years.

3. Duration

The period of mentoring is for a maximum of 2 months at any point of time during the academic year which is mutually convenient.

4. Mode of Mentoring

The mentoring shall be conducted in hybrid mode with mutual consent of Mentor and Mentee. There shall be no financial provision in the scheme except a project support of Rs 5000/- only shall be provided to the Mentees at the end of the Mentoring Period.

5. Number of Positions

A maximum of 60 Engineering Students shall be mentored each year. Each Fellow can mentor a maximum of two engineering students. INAE Young Associate can mentor one engineering student.

6. Operation of the Scheme

The Mentor shall choose the Mentee and an ink signed joint application on the prescribed format with Part I to be filled by the Mentee and Part II to be filled by the Mentor shall be submitted to INAE through email.

The last date of submission of Application form complete in all aspects is April 30, 2024. The mentor can evaluate the applications received through mentee and submit to INAE by April 30, 2024 through INAE email


After scrutiny of the above applications, the candidates will be selected by the Competent Authority and the concerned INAE Fellows (Mentors) will be informed, who in turn will intimate the concerned Engineering Students suitably.

On completion of mentoring period, a Report by the Engineering Student and bill for project support shall be submitted to INAE office duly signed by the Mentor and the payment to the Engineering Student will be made.

A Certificate will be issued by INAE to the Engineering Students at the end of the Mentoring Period stating that the Mentee has undergone internship under the Mentoring of the particular INAE Fellow/Young Associate at a particular institution for a specified period of time.