Youth Forum

INAE Youth Forum


INAE has a Fellowship of more than 800 eminent engineers and a membership of more than 100 Young Associates who have made prominent contributions in engineering research and technology implementation. The Young Associates and Fellows are primarily above 35 years of age. INAE being the premier engineering Academy also takes great pride in shouldering the responsibility to encourage the engineering youth of the Country so as to enhance the engineering excellence, youth leadership, and encourage nation building. INAE hence desires to play a catalytic role in preparing the young engineers to meet the future technological challenges of the Country. It is also essential to provide a suitable platform for these young engineering professionals to deliberate on the future of engineering.


INAE has created an INAE Youth Forum from 2017 onwards with the objective of facilitating the engagement of Indian youth in engineering activities at national level. INAE through the creation of Youth Forum desires to extend the membership to young budding engineers thereby endorsing their talent and advocating their ability to contribute meaningfully to the development of the country.It is therefore, our endeavour, to engage these young engineers in generating vital inputs on some of the important national issues and encourage them to deliberate on:

Their perception of engineering in the Country for the next 10 to 15 years in certain vital areas and

Their idea on generation of the engineering solutions to some of the problems, to improve the lives of common man and thus help in the technical development of the Country.


The Forum aims to provide

A platform for the youth at engineering college level to voice their concerns on areas of topical engineering interest.

Will participate in activities of National interest conducted by the Academy.

A platform to express views on topics related to engineering.

Young members of the Forum to be groomed by the Fellows so that they may muster the expertise and leadership qualities to take up grand engineering challenges in the future era.

Guidelines for Induction of Members

All members of the Youth Forum would be named as “Student-Member”.

In the initial phase, the following would be inducted as “Student-Member” of the Forum.

  • Winners of INAE National Online Essay Competition conducted at Bachelor’s Level.
  • Winners of INAE Innovative Student Projects Awards at Doctoral, Master’s and Bachelor’s levels.
  • Winners of Innovation and Manufacturing Practices (IMP) Award conducted at Bachelor’s and Master’s Level.

The membership is valid for 5 years only.

The Student-membership will not exceed 400 at any point of time.

All student members will get both Membership Certificate and Identity Card, both stipulating the expiry date.

They will be inducted as Student Members in the Annual Convention of INAE. Those who cannot attend the Annual Convention will be inducted in the next INAE Youth Conclave.

During subsequent years, the database of members may be expanded to include other identified categories of students.


The Website of INAE will have a separate page for the Youth Forum providing provisions for engagement of youth with INAE.

The broad engagement of INAE student members in Youth Forum will be as follows:

  • They can access to the INAE Directory on Fellows so that they can identify and interact with the Experts.
  • They may post questions and technical queries on issues related to engineering to seek the guidance of mentors in the page provided for the Youth Forum.
  • They will be encouraged to participate in various activities of INAE depending on their area of interest.


The creation of the Youth Forum at the engineering students level will help in mentoring and inducting of the future engineering leaders in the field of engineering and engineering research. This would facilitate in the nation building and bring bright engineering students into the engineering profession.