Academia Industry Interaction



The Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE), founded in 1987 comprises a Fellowship of the most distinguished engineers, engineer-scientists and technologists of India and abroad from the entire spectrum of engineering disciplines. It is a peer body of engineering professionals with the aim to promote and advance the practice of engineering and technology, related science disciplines and their applications to problems of national importance. It also encourages inventions, scientific investigations, and research in pursuit of excellence in the field of engineering. Activities of the Academy include, research projects, pilot studies, technical education, fellowships, recognitions and awards and programmes on issues of technology policy and overall development for the benefit of the society and other benefactions.

It has long been felt that there is a need for active linkages between industry and engineering institutions which can help enrich curriculum contents and also add dynamicity to the existing systems of continuing education programmes. The gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications can be narrowed down through a coordinated approach ensuring closer interactions among industry, R&D institutions and the academia, through institutionalized mechanisms. Active programmes should be established for regular visits of experts from industry to address students and academic staff.

The Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) launched a Distinguished Visiting Professorship (DVP) Scheme jointly with AICTE in 1999. The Scheme envisages promotion of industry-institute interaction by facilitating the dissemination of knowledge through the expertise of experienced and knowledgeable persons from industry to integrate their rich industrial experience with technical education. The Scheme has received very enthusiastic response from industry and engineering research institutions over the years. Since the year 2018, the scheme has also been made applicable to all retired INAE Fellows.

There is a constant endeavour to improve and strengthen the functioning of the scheme for which suggestions/views are sought from the industry experts as well as affiliated engineering colleges/institutions through a Feedback Report after each visit by the industry expert/ INAE Fellow.


The Distinguished Visiting Professor under the scheme will:

Deliver lectures on the state-of-art of Industry, industrial ambience and R&D needs of the industry to the students and faculty of AICTE approved engineering colleges/ institutions only.
Guide student projects/ theses of interest to industry.
Help curriculum development, keeping in view, the changing industrial needs.
Develop cooperative undergraduate and postgraduate programmes with industry having potential benefits to faculty, students and Industry.
Take up any other activities for the mutual benefit of engineering institutions and industry


The scheme is applicable only for visits to AICTE approved engineering colleges/ institutes.
A DVP can visit up to two AICTE approved engineering colleges in his/her tenure.
The honorarium is applicable to only lecture sessions for students/ guiding student projects.


The Industry Experts should have a minimum graduate degree in engineering or an equivalent qualification.
The Age of a Distinguished Visiting Professor shall be in the range of 40 to 75 years*.
The applicant must have minimum TEN years’ experience in Industry; and the individual must have distinguished work experience, as evidenced by development of products, technology, processes, patents, publications, awards etc.
All retired INAE Fellows also can apply under this Scheme.
The DVP on completion of a tenure is not eligible to re-apply.

*For exceptional cases the Selection Committee may relax age limits.

The Responsibilities of the Distinguished Visiting Professor

The Distinguished Visiting Professor will visit the Institution(s) up to 2 times in a semester, for a maximum of 3 days per visit, and will be reimbursed air fare in Y-Class or actual fares if performed by Rail or approved INAE rate if performed by road. The DVP is entitled to an honorarium of Rs. 10,000/- per lecture day.

Besides delivering lectures, he may initiate student projects dealing with “real life” and “shop floor problems” in which he/ she is personally involved in the Industry and will provide guidance. He will also emphasize marketing, commercial as well as technical aspects of the project. The project guidance could be either at the host institution or at his industry under the joint supervision of the Distinguished Visiting Professor and a faculty of the host Institution.

He will interact with the academic staff and act as a catalyst towards an integrated approach in curriculum development with inputs from his experience.

The Distinguished Visiting Professor will provide a 1-2-page abstract of his lecture along with relevant slides/ material for dissemination to the students.

The Individual or his/her company (if private), should not have any commercial dealing with the educational institution.

Tenure of the Distinguished Visiting Professor

Tenure will be initially for a period of one year, which is further extendable up to a maximum of FIVE years. Each year’s Extension will be decided by the Selection Committee, based on the active contributions of the Distinguished Visiting Professor during the year, and the feedback received from the affiliated engineering college /institution.

If for any specific reason, the Distinguished Visiting Professor seeks a break in the Tenure, a break of maximum period of TWO years can be granted.

The Responsibilities of the Institution

The host Institution where a Distinguished Visiting Professor is associated will provide him with office and secretarial facilities for his working in the Institutions.

The host Institution will also provide him local hospitality including free Guest House accommodation where available or arrange suitable accommodation for him in a nearby Guest House and also provide him local conveyance.

The Institution will appoint a senior Professor as the Coordinator of the DVP programme to facilitate arrangements of lectures, supervision of projects, etc.

Forwarding of Proposals

The proposals should be forwarded at the following address:

Executive Director
Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE)
6th Floor, Unit No. 604-609, SPAZE I-Tech Park,
Tower A, Sector 49, Sohna Road,
Gurgaon – 122018
Phone: 0124-4239480

Proposals / Requests for Appointing a Distinguished Visiting Professor

An AICTE approved Engineering Institution desirous of having the services of a Distinguished Visiting Professor, can also apply to INAE giving all relevant details of the Institution and the subject area in which it needs the expertise of an eminent person from industry/Retired INAE Fellows.

An Industry Expert/ Retired INAE Fellow desirous of being INAE Distinguished Visiting Professor may fill in Part I of the Format. Part II of the Format is to be filled by an AICTE approved Engineering College/Institution.

INAE will invite nominations from Industry, R&D Labs, Engineering Institutions and retired Fellows of the Academy on the format attached.