Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:
Nomination and Selection Process for Election of Fellows

Q 1  What is the nomination procedure for election to INAE Fellowship?

A 1   The nomination procedure for election to INAE Fellowship is summarized below.

  • The election to Fellowship of the Academy is by invitation only. To view the eligibility criteria and nomination category Click here
  • The Nominations for INAE Fellowship are invited in January each year and the last date for the receipt of nominations is March 31stof each year.For details pertaining to application for fellowship and nomination form Click here
  • The nominations may be submitted by email on the prescribed format or submitted online.
  • Each Nominee shall be proposed and seconded only by INAE Fellows ( To view INAE Yearbook Click here), preferably of the same subject domain/discipline, having personal knowledge of the contribution and accomplishment of the Nominee.
  • It is the responsibility of the nominee to identify the proposer and seconder and seek his/her concurrence for the same, since the nominations are by invitation only.
  • The list and contact details of the INAE Fellows may be viewed by downloading the latest INAE Year Book from the Publications Section (Click here) or from the Search for Fellows Section (Click here)
  • Nominations may be submitted through email on the prescribed format posted on INAE website or submitted online.
  • In case of submission of Nomination through email, the form is required to be signed/endorsed by the proposer and seconder.
  • In case of online submissions, the proposer and seconder may initiate the nomination process online through their log in facility. Subsequently, certain material is required to be filled in by the nominee for which an instruction email will be sent to the nominee once the process is initiated.

Q 2  What is the selection process/cycle of nominations for election to INAE Fellowship?

A 2  After submission of the nominations either through email or online, the nominations are scrutinized and examined by INAE Expert Committees over a period of six months in a stringent process. The list of the finally selected nominees who have been elected as INAE Fellows is generally released on INAE Website by end September / October each year.

Q 3  What is the next step in case of nominations not selected for election to Fellowship?

A 3  The validity of a nomination is three years and a fresh nomination can be made only after 2 years Cooling Period. The nominations which have not been selected during each year are carried forward for consideration during the next year and updated particulars are invited on a prescribed format in January of the next year.