INAE Annual Convention 2016

INAE Annual Convention 2016

The Annual Convention of the Indian National Academy of Engineering was held on Dec 8-9, 2016 at Space Applications Centre (SAC), Ahmedabad. The programme of this year’s Annual Convention had a new format, wherein besides the Inaugural Session, technical presentations by newly elected Fellows and Young Engineer Awardees and the Awards Ceremony the following were held.

  • Two Plenary Talks – one on a technical topic and one on a general topic
  • Industry Session wherein two young entrepreneurs delivered talks on their start-ups
  • Sideline meetings to include meetings of two INAE Forums
  • A meeting of senior INAE Fellows to discuss the Way Forward of the Academy
  • Release of CAETS 2015 Convocation on “Pathways to Sustainability: Energy, Mobility and Healthcare Engineering” Proceedings published by M/s Springer

The Annual Convention had a participation of 135 Fellows and 20 families besides 3 Foreign Fellows.

Inaugural Session

Mr. Shailendra N. Roy, Chief Executive & Whole-Time Director, Larsen & Toubro Ltd was the  Chief Guest and Shri AS Kiran Kumar, Chairman, Space Commission, Chairman, ISRO  and Secretary, Department of Space was the Guest of Honour during the Inaugural Session on Dec 8, 2016. Mr. Tapan Misra, Director, Space Applications Centre delivered the Welcome Remarks.  Dr BN Suresh, President, INAE delivered the Presidential Address. This was followed by the Address by the Chief Guest, Mr. Shailendra N. Roy and the Guest of Honour, Shri AS Kiran Kumar.

During the Inaugural Session, following were inducted into the Academy by the President, INAE and signed the Admission Register – Shri Senapathy ‘Kris’ Gopalakrishnan, Shri T.V. Narendran, Dr Uday Shankar Agarwal and Prof Cato Thomas Laurencin,

The CAETS 2015 Proceedings  published by M/s Springer which contains papers based on the presentations during the CAETS 2015 Convocation on “Pathways to Sustainability: Energy, Mobility and Healthcare Engineering” hosted by INAE at New Delhi on Oct 13-14, 2015; was released by Dr BN Suresh, President, INAE. Dr Purnendu Ghosh, Chief Editor of Publications, INAE gave a brief background of the CAETS Proceedings prior to the release. Brig Rajan Minocha, Executive Director, INAE proposed the Vote of Thanks.

The major scientific and engineering highlights of the Convention were the presentations by newly elected Fellows and Young Engineer Awardees. The presentations were held in two Parallel Sessions on Dec 8-9, 2016. The list of the technical presentations by Fellows and Young Engineers are given below.

Presentations by Newly Elected Fellows on Dec 8-9, 2016

Prof. B Ravi The Golden Spiral: Connecting Education, Research, Development and Application
Dr. C. Ranganayakulu Development of Environmental Control Systems and Compact Heat Exchangers for Aerospace Applications
Mr. NM Dube Extreme Tribology: Exploring Tribology testing for extremely Challenging Applications
Dr. Rahul Mitra Development of composite materials for light-weight and high temperature structural applications
Mr. Vinay V Kulkarni Industrialization of Software Development
Dr. Swades De Protocols and Cross-Layer Optimizations for Green Communication Networks
Mr. Vivek Bhasin R&D in Structural Integrity of Nuclear Components: Large Amplitude Cyclic Loads
Prof. PJ Narayanan Recovering Three Dimensionality from Images
Dr. US Agarwal Innovating in bulk industry
Prof. Baidurya Bhattacharya Origins and Utility of Friction at small scales
Prof. DC Panigrahi Field investigations, modelling and simulation studies for reducing the radiation dose levels in underground uranium mines in India
Dr. P.P. Mohanlal Aerospace Inertial Sensors and Systems: Challenges
Dr. Saptarshi Basu Droplets, Sprays and Flow in combustors: Insights into different spatio-temporal scales
Dr. Ashim Kumar Mukhopadhyay Development and Industrial Scale Production of Structural Aluminium Alloys for Defence Applications
Prof. KVS Hari Experiments in MIMO Signal Processing
Dr. R Muralidharan Towards self reliance in high frequency devices
Prof. NS Raghuwanshi Improved Agricultural Water Management Using Information Technology
Mr. BHVS Narayana Murthy Missile Avionics : Design and Challenges
Prof. Yogesh M Joshi Revising a phase behavior of aqueous suspension of Laponite
Prof. JB Joshi Direct Numerical Simulation of Multiphase Systems : Applications to Flotation, Cromatographic Separation, Pyrolysis, Biomass Stove, Continuous Cooker, Technologies for CNT, Titanium and New Generation of Atomic Power Reactor
Prof. BG Fernandes Power Electronic based PV solutions for Rural India
Prof. Chandra  Venkataraman Short Lived Climate Pollutants: Emissions and Impacts over India
Prof. Sampath Srinivasan Electrochemical Devices:  Sensors and Energy Systems
Dr. Hariharan Ramesh Multi-disciplinary Engineering for Genomic Diagnosis

Presentations by INAE Young Engineer Awardees on Dec 8-9, 2016

Mr. Suresh Kumar Breakthrough development in agricultural tractor Clutch and Driveline systems
Dr. Amartya Mukhopadhyay Correlations between processing conditions, microstructure developments, dimensional aspects and phase transformations on the performance of engineering ceramics in advanced structural and electrochemical energy storage applications.
Dr. DV Pinjari Cavitation Technology: A Sustainable Technology for Environmental Cause
Dr. Santanu Kapat High-Performance, Energy-Efficient, EMI-Aware Mixed-Signal Dynamic Power Management Architectures
Dr. Sudib Kumar Mishra Seismic Vibration Control using Super-elastic Base Isolation
Dr. Manisha B. Padwal Atomization and Combustion of Gelled Propellants
Dr. Chandan Saha Arithmetic circuit complexity: Lower bounds, De-randomization and Reconstruction
Dr. Uday Kumar Reddy B Building Language and Compiler Technology for the Multicore Era

Awards Function on Dec 8, 2016

The Grand Award Ceremony was held on the evening of December 8, 2016. Five theses at Doctoral level, Five Theses at Master’s Level and 5 Projects at Bachelor’s Level were conferred the Innovative Student Projects Award. Ten candidates were conferred the INAE Young Engineer Award 2016.

Dr. Sunitha K Nayar being conferred the Innovative Student Projects Award 2016 at Doctoral level by Dr BN Suresh, President, INAE

Dr Chandan Saha being conferred the INAE Young Engineer Award 2016 by Dr BN Suresh President, INAE

Dr SN Singh, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and Prof SK Sarangi, Director, National Institute of Technology Rourkela were conferred the INAE Outstanding Teachers Award 2016.

Prof SK Sarangi receiving the Outstanding Teachers Award 2016 From Dr BN Suresh, President, INAE

Dr. V. Adimurthy, ISRO Honorary Distinguished Professor and Prof VS Borkar, Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay were conferred the Prof Jai Krishna Memorial Award and Prof SN Mitra Memorial Award 2016 respectively.

Dr V Adimurthy receiving the Prof Jai Krishna Memorial Award 2016 from Dr BN Suresh, President, INAE


Prof VS Borkar receiving the Prof SN Mitra Memorial Award 2016 from Dr BN Suresh, President, INAE

Dr PS Goel, Honorary Distinguished Professor, ISRO Hqrs. and Raja Ramanna Chair Visiting Professor, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore and Formerly Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences and Dr VK Aatre, formerly Scientific Adviser to the Raksha Mantri, Director General of Defence Research & Development Organization and Secretary Department of Defence R&D were conferred the Life Time Contribution Award in Engineering 2016.

Dr PS Goel receiving the Life Time Contribution Award in Engineering 2016 from Dr BN Suresh, President, INAE


Dr VK Aatre receiving the Life Time Contribution Award in Engineering 2016 from Dr BN Suresh, President, INAE

Sidelines Meeting held on Dec 8, 2016

A sideline meeting chaired by Dr. PS Goel, Past President, INAE was held on Dec 8, 2016 at SAC, Ahmedabad. The Agenda for the meeting was to discuss the methodology to engage INAE Fellowship in the activities being undertaken with various Ministries/Niti Aayog/PSA Office/TIFAC etc. towards providing technical inputs for engineering interventions in policy formulation.

Meetings of INAE Forums on Dec 8, 2016

Meetings of the INAE Forum on Engineering interventions for Disaster Mitigation Chaired by Dr RK Bhandari and INAE Forum on Indian Landscape of Advanced Structural Materials Chaired by Dr Debashish Bhattacharjee were held on the sidelines of the Annual Convention on Dec 8, 2016 at SAC Ahmedabad.

Annual General Meeting of Fellows on Dec 9, 2016

The 28th Annual General Meeting of Fellows was held on Dec 9, 2016. During the Induction Ceremony, the following were formally admitted into the Academy by the President, INAE and signed the Admission Register.

ES-I                 Prof. Baidurya Bhattacharya, Shri Mangu Singh

ES-II               Mr. Vinay V Kulkarni, Prof. PJ Narayanan

ES-III             Dr. Saptarshi Basu, Dr. C. Ranganayakulu, Prof B Ravi, Shri NM Dube

ES-IV              Prof JB Joshi, Prof Yogesh M Joshi

ES –V             Prof BG Fernandes

ES-VI              Dr Neelesh B Mehta, Dr Swades De, Prof KVS Hari, Dr R Muralidharan

ES-VII            Dr PP Mohanlal, Mr. BHVS Narayana Murthy, Shri S Somanath

ES-VIII           Prof DC Panigrahi, Prof Rahul Mitra

ES-IX              Prof Chandra Venkataraman, Shri Vivek Bhasin

ES-X                Prof NS Raghuwanshi, Prof Sampat Srinivasan

During the AGM, a Brainstorming Session was held wherein Dr BN Suresh, President, INAE requested the Fellows to give their suggestions.  A number of valuable suggestions were received on the methodology for engagement of INAE Fellows for providing inputs to DST, other Government Agencies and Policymakers.

Thereafter, presentations by Conveners of Sectional Committees I, V and IX to present the activities planned during the year 2017 were held.

Session on Plenary Talks on Dec 9, 2016

Two Plenary Talks – one on a technical topic and one on a general topic. Mr. Rakesh Chopra, formerly head of the Kashmir Railway Project, on Zonal Railway and formerly Member Engineering, Railway Board delivered the Plenary Talk on “Challenges  in J&K Rail Link” on Dec 9, 2016.  Mr. Gaur Gopal Prabhu of ISKON delivered a general talk on “Ways to Happiness”.

Industry Session held on Dec 9, 2016

During the Industry Session on Dec 9, 2016 lectures were delivered by two Start Up Entrepreneurs viz Prof. Kavi Arya, Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering  Department, IIT Bombay and Shri Parag Naik, CEO Saankhya. Prof Kavi Arya is Principal Investigator of the e-Yantra Project that is popularizing “project based learning” using robotics in engineering colleges. Shri Parag Naik co-founded Saankhya and contributed to the product roadmaps and designing Saankhya architecture.

 The Annual Convention ended with an organized tour for all participants on Dec 10, 2016 to Akshardham Temple and Gandhi Ashram.