The fellowship of Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) represents India’s most accomplished and distinguished pool of engineers, engineer-scientists and technologists covering the entire spectrum of engineering disciplines. INAE is the apex body to promote and advance the practice of engineering and technology and the related scientific disciplines in the country and facilitate their expertise to address the issues and problems of national importance.

India is poised to take a big and bold stride in manufacturing through ‘Make in India‘. The Union Government has announced several ambitious schemes like Clean India, Green India and Digital India, the success of all of which is greatly dependent on engineering intervention and innovation tailored for the country’s need and ground reality and hence must evolve through an inclusive model than importing technologies from abroad. The pool of expertise available in INAE (over 600 fellows and 200 young engineers) must be suitably harnessed and utilised for meeting the national ambition and mandate. INAE can provide an excellent platform to connect the industry (covering private, government, public sector and strategic departments) with the experts from academia and R&D and promote industry-academia interaction. The lack of such a mechanism to complement each other is a loss more to the nation and government than to the individuals. Keeping this lacunae in view, INAE wishes to create a web based directory or EXPERT POOL in ENGINEERING (subject domain wise) hosted in INAE website.

It may be noted that INAE Year Book provides only the alphabetical list of fellows and their contact details without information about their expertise, specialisation and the specific services an expert may offer to the industry or any other customer/agency.


An easy to access and retrieve search engine to connect the experts (FNAEs) registered in this web portal with the individuals or agencies seeking their services.


FEATURES (what can this site offer)

  • Provision for on line submission of inquiry or questions (free of charge)
  • Scope to identify or search for an expert based on keywords and strings
  • Up to date and detailed information about the experts
  • Link to organisational or personal webpage of the concerned expert
  • Option for customers to directly address and communicate with identified experts
  • Smart search by category (Academia, Industry, Research)
  • Advanced search and assistance from INAE

UTILITY (what purpose can it serve)

  • Consultancy services to the industry and agencies
  • Expert services for drawing specifications and selecting vendors/equipment
  • Selection of professionals for specific jobs
  • Peer reviewing of publications
  • Examination of technical reports and project proposals
  • Evaluation or assessment of thesis and research documents
  • Constitution of expert committees for framing policy


  • Industry (private, public sector, government or multi-national)
  • R&D organisations and laboratories
  • Academic institutions and departments
  • Government departments and testing agencies
  • Private trusts and non-government organisations
  • Entrepreneurs, start-up companies, private operators
  • Financial sector, banks, angel investors, insurance companies


  • A single authenticated web portal of national experts in all branches of Engineering and Technology
  • An easy search engine offering a provision for direct access to the concerned expert for availing expert service
  • The experts themselves can easily and readily update their profile
  • The entire service is free of cost